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shipping related questions

What countries do you ship to?
We can ship worldwide! If you need specific information about your country, feel free to contact us.
How long is your processing time?
We obviously try our best to prepare and ship all orders in a timely manner. Since there is only one person who is responsible for handling, packing + shipping, please give us at least 3-5 days to process your order. If there is a sale going on or you’re ordering in a special time of the year (e.g. pre-christmas time), we might need up to 7 days to fulfill your order due to high volumes of customers.
How long are the shipping times?
We made a detailed overview about this – you can find it right here

general questions

Do you offer whole sale prices?
No, I don't offer whole sale prices at the moment. I am searching for ways to make this happen in the near future though! You can still message me via e-mail ( to inquire about this. I am definitely able to make exceptions depending on the inquiry. 
What device do you use to make your art?
I use my iPad Pro to illustrate all of our products. The program I use is Procreate and I use the 6B default brush for everything.
But if you want to achieve a similar look or start making your own digital art, a simple drawing tablet (i love wacom tablets), a free computer software (like gimp or krita) or even a paper, a pen and a scanner(-app) will absolutely do the trick. Start humble and work your way up :)
Can you add a custom message to my order?
Absolutely - you can use the "order notes" section in your cart to tell us what message we should add to your order! 
By the way, we will never put any information about the order amount into your envelope/parcel in case you want to send it directly to a loved one. 
product related questions
Where do you get your products produced?
We print and produce all stickers ourselves using a professional Canon photo printer and cutting machines from Silhouette America.
Our notepads and bookmarks are produced by a German company - all papers are FSC certified and recyclable.
Our Washi Tapes are produced in Asia.
Do you do custom orders & designs?
Yes! I can design and produce custom sticker sheet designs for you. Minimum order quanitity for custom designs is 200 sheets. I can also only do the design for you. If you want to know more, please contact me via e-mail and tell me more about your project, so that I can give you a price overview:
How often do you restock your products?
When we launch new products to our collection we need some time to gather information about the popularity of each item. The minute we first reorder the items, we will defintely make sure to order stock big enough to keep the item available at all time or with minimum interruption. 
That being said: All sold out items including our Washi Tapes will be available again at the end of January and hopefully will stay stocked after that!